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Shipping boxes flat rate

Does your parcel company offer you a flat rate shipping price for standard sized boxes? With Fish and Ships, you can provide your customers with the shipping boxes flat rate option!

The Fish and Ships Shipping boxes flat rate video

Fish and Ships packer algorithm finds the best way to fit multiple cart products in one or more boxes. All the power inside an special action. There is: you can mix this new feature with all the powerful rules that you that you are currently using.

Define your standard-sized boxes: size and maximum weight

Simply, set the boxes or pallets size, and maximum weight per box. Define your standard sized boxes once and will be available on all shipping methods:

Defining shipping boxes for flat rate
Defining shipping boxes for flat rate

Setting prices for Shipping boxes flat rate

After that, on each shipping method you can set the special action Shipping boxes, select which boxes can be used and set flat rate shipping on each:

Setting shipping boxes flat rate
Setting shipping boxes flat rate

Shipping boxes strategy: cheap, less volume or les boxes?

Fish and Ships shipping boxes flat rate feature calculates, for each cart, the best available box packaging combination based on your predefined strategy: you decide if your priority is price, number of boxes or total volume… or a mix between. Move the sliders and set the best strategy:

Packer strategy for shipping boxes flat rate
Packer strategy for shipping boxes flat rate

If some products doesn’t fit any box (so big or so weigh) you can add extra rules for it, or abort the shipping method (will not be offered on checkout).

…and the distribution of the products inside the boxes will be annotated in a note of the order, automatically created, for your warehouse guys:

Order notes with shipping boxes flat rate packer distribution, automatically generated

Combine this new feature with all the rest. Oh, yeah!

You can setup rules as usual, and combine with this new feature. Combinations are infinite. Aren’t you familiar with Fish and Ships? Please, read our introduction: