Exact fit shipping costs
on your WooCommerce shop

Most online shops set generic shipping costs:
too much for some products and fewer for another...
are you?

Setup exact costs easily

Fish and Ships help you to increase sales and avoid costs loss

Rules-based shipping
costs calculation

Rules Shipping Cost Calculation

From the simplest to the most complex
selection criteria, any need can be fulfilled

Single or multiple selection criteria for every rule shipping cost

Here is the list of all selection methods:

  • Price
  • Weight
  • Volume
  • Volumetric
  • Cart items
  • Min/Mid/Max dimensions
  • Length+Width+Height total
  • In category
  • NOT In category
  • Tagged as
  • NOT Tagged as
  • In shipping class
  • NOT In shipping class
  • Cart totals

...Everything can be combined on every rule.

Grouping items for whatever
your needs are

Set global or different group products criteria on every selection

Simple or composite
cost on every rule

Simple or composite cost calculation

Take the control
and reduce abandoned carts

Special actions

Powerful computer coding made easy as a piece of cake,
this will take you to another level

Add custom messages, rename the shipping methods
add extra info, auto-apply coupons and much more!
on the fly, when your conditions match

Setting custom messages for the customer in the cart through shipping method Rename the shipping method and add extra information

Here is the list of all Special Actions:

  • Abort shipping method
  • Skip N rules
  • Reset previous costs
  • Ignore below rules
  • Set min/max rule costs

...all combinable on every rule.

...and much, much more:

WooCommerce Fish and Ships brings extensive and context help

Well docummented help