WooCommerce Fish and Ships
Free vs Pro

Are you unsure between free and pro?
Here you can check out the extra features.

Priority support
Multilingual (WPML)
Multicurrency (see our FAQs)
Global Group-by option
Different Group-by for every selector*
Shipping cost calculation:
once, per cart items count, per weight, per price, per group or all at once
AND/OR Logical operators on multiple selection criteria:
(free version only has AND operator)
Auto-apply coupon
Shipping boxes bin packer (flat rate shipping boxes)
Hide other shipping methods [NEW]
Extra fees, handling and discounts after shipping rate calculation [NEW]
Price, Weight, Volume, Cart items
Min/Mid/Max dimension
Length+Width+Height total
In category / NOT In category,
Tagged as / NOT Tagged as
In Shipping class / NOT In shipping class
Per user role (customer, subscriber…) [NEW]
Cart total (subtotal – discounts)
Date & time selectors:
Weekday, Day of month, Month, Year, Full date, Day of year and Time [NEW]
Special Actions
Abort shipping method,
Stop (Ignore below rules)
Skip N rules
Reset previous costs,
Set min/max rule costs
Matching products skip below rules
Show notice message
Rename title method,
Add subtitle (text under)
Math expressions parser

* The dimensions, categories, tags and classes selection methods always use ungrouped cart items, on our FAQs we explain why.