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Multi currency shipping rates for WooCommerce

UPDATE: This post has been published originally on June 9, 2020, and updated on April, 2021. Multi currency shipping rates si supported by Fish and Ships from now on. Through the most known multi currecny 3rd party plugins for WooCommerce. Multi currency is a must for world-wide shops, because most customers feel more comfortable purchasing products in his own currency.

Which plugin can I use for multi currency shipping rates?

Maybe the configuration of your shipping rates stop you to do the movement to multi currency. If this is you, have to know that Fish and Ships still working transparently from all this multi currency plugins:

Simply install and configure your prefered multi currency plugin, and Fish and Ships will work with it transparently, without any extra configuration. The exchange ratios will be applied to the shipping rates in the same way as products price does.

All the currency-related fields on the shipping method configuration will be keept and considered into the main currency shop, in the same way as WooCommerce works with all this multi currency plugins for the product prices.

Which is the best plugin for multi currency?

This is an awkward question 😉 All plugins worked well and stable in our tests, and all develop teams have responded quick, friendly and well to our demand of compatibilisation.

Maybe we can advise you shuld try the WPML solution if you currently run your shop multilingual with it, and you should considere the other options if your shop are monolingual or based on other multilingual plugin.

About all the free plugins, we found the same limitation: maximum number of currencies. WP Wham supports three on the free version, and the others only a second one. There is: if you plan more than three currencies on your shop, there isn’t any free solution.

Update: set the shipping rates for every currency manually

One of the most requested features, is to set the shipping rates for every currency. Obvioulsly this will be an option. You can still working as now. But you can also set manually the shipping rates on every currency. This allow you to set different prices on every currency, due to marketing reasons, different country costs, etc.

This feature is supported for WPML+WCML, WooCommerce Multi-Currency, Aelia and WP Wham CS. Activating the checkbox, appears a tab for each installed currency:

Shipping rates on the main currency
Shipping rates on the main currency

…and on each secondary tab, you can set the currency fields values manually:

Shipping rates for every currency
Shipping rates for every currency