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Special Actions on shipping rules

Rules execute actions

Special Actions allow you to modify the behavior of the rules table and / or complement the information that your customer receives based on his cart and shipping costs.

This information may be used to help our customer to understand the shipping costs applied, or why we cannot send determined cart to his address, encourage he to put more products in his cart, inform about the delivery time or the name of the parcel company, etc.

Special actions are always associated with a rule, and will be executed if at least one product matches the selection criteria for the rule where they belong.

Below we explain them:

Abort shipping method:

This action means that the shipping method will be disabled. Although any other rule has been matched, not offered to our customer in any case.

Skip N rules: [PRO]

This action will allow us to skip (ignore) N rules below. It is used to set conditional execution logic, for example: If rule A is applied, B can never be applied (which is just below).

Reset previous costs: [PRO]

It will ignore all the previous rules calculated costs and start calculating it again, starting with the current rule.

Ignore below rules:

The following rules will not be analyzed, but the shipping method will not be aborted and it will be offered to the customer for the current cart.

Set min/max rule costs: [PRO]

It will set the minimum and maximum cost for this rule (not for the others). Very useful when calculating shipping costs based on % (percentage) or * [qty].

Unset match prods for next rules: [PRO]

The products that have passed the selection criteria for the current rule will not be considered on the following rules.

Show notice message: [PRO]

You can enter a message for our customer in the same way as the WooCommerce messages (the apparence will depend of your theme).

Rename method title: [PRO]

You can rename the shipping method. For example, set the name of a parcel company, under certain conditions of the rules.

Add subtitle (under text): [PRO]

It allow you to add extra information under the shipping method name. For example: delivery time.

Another example

Imagine that under certain conditions, you want to inform your customer that his shipping costs include insurance, will be sent through a well-known parcel company, and will arrive at customer in 24 hours:

Setting custom messages on shipping method

And here's the result: (the apparence will depend of your theme), Fish and Ships will print in the same way as WooCommerce does):

Custom messages on customer cart

Last things

We have left to see the rest of the fields, outside the table rules, and the log system:

Other fields & logs

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