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About WooCommerce Fish and Ships

Free version can be installed as usual: (for the Pro version, go down to Fish and Ships Pro section) 1. Manual: Download from, unzip and upload through FTP to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory. Then go to admin plugins page and activate it. 2. From admin plugins>add new page: search “fish and ships” and click on install button, then activate.
Simply activate it, and a wizard will appear. Follow it through WooCommerce screens and you'll get your first Fish and Ships shipping method to start configure the shipping rules.
Go to plugins admin page again, and look for the link “Start: run wizard” into the Fish and Ships plugin row.
Fish and Ships comes with contextual help. You can open it on any help icon (?) on the shipping method screen. However, you can see also this help in our website help docs. You’ll find this link also in the admin plugins page of your site.
Yes, it supports WPML, but it's in our roadmap make it compatible with more options in the future.
Yes, Fish and Ships works with this 3rd party multicurrency plugins: - The official WooCommerce multi-currency plugin: link - The WPML+WCML MultiCurrency plugin: link - Aelia, premium multi-currency plugin: link - WOOCS, freemium multi-currency plugin: link - Multi Currency for WC, freemium plugin: link - Support for WP Wham Currency Switcher, freemium plugin: link Custom shipping rates for different currencies (as option) is supported for WPML+WCML, the official WooCommerce multi-currency plugin, Aelia, WP Wham CS and WOOCS (new).
Fish and Ships will work in the currency and measurements that you’ve set on WooCommerce in settings, just in the way WC does. Please: read the previous question also.
Fish and Ships has widely tested with older and latest; our philosophy is to cover the maximum releases (when are viable) and obviously cover all future releases. PHP: from 5.5 to current release (tested up to 8.1.x). WordPress: from 4.4, all posterior releases (tested up to 6.1). WooCommerce: from 2.6, all posterior releases (tested up to 7.1). WPML: Tested the contemporary releases with the WooCommerce / WP releases.
About selection methods related to product’s size: would not make sense to sum his dimensions before comparison. About methods related to shipping class/categories/tags: different products may belong to different taxonomies, so they cannot be considered together. In any case, with this selection methods, products will be taken one by one: Min dimension, Mid dimension, Max dimension and Length+Width+Height [PRO] In shipping class / NOT In shipping class, In category / NOT In category [PRO], Tagged as / NOT Tagged as [PRO]
You’re welcomed! We offer a forever license of Fish and Ships Pro in exchange for plugin and help translation. If you’re interested, please, contact us here.

About Fish and Ships Pro

After purchase on our website, you can download it, through an email you will receive, or in your account page. Unzip and upload as usual. The free version folder is named "fish-and-ships" and the PRO "fish-and-ships-pro". This means: PRO will not overwrite the free version. You’ll must go to plugins admin page, deactivate the free and activate the pro version. (Don’t worry about: if you keep the two actives at the same time, you’ll get an advice on admin side). Then register your plugin in your account, and you will get a serial for every license. Enter into your plugin(s). It will update automated while your license being active.
All shipping methods configured with Fish and Ships Free will be kept, simply you’ve the extra new features.
We firmly believe in and stand behind our product 100%. However, if the plugin doesn’t meet your expectations, we will refund you within 15 days, the 100% of your money, without any questions about or limitations, simply you will get refund as your request, and we will annulate your license. Refunds also apply to product upgrades or annual renewals. In some cases, the period of refund can be extended: if you start a support question within first 15 days, and this can’t be solved, or the solution don’t like you, you can also ask for the refund. To submit a refund request, please contact us here.
Yes, you can. Simply de-activate Fish and Ships Pro and re-activate the free (or reinstall). The shipping methods will still configured, but you should revise it, and change the Pro options uncovered by the free, otherwise the shipping method will not work as expected. Please, check the page Free vs Pro.
The license gives you priority support and updates for a year. After this period, if you won’t to renew license, you can keep using the plugin but won’t receive any further updates, new features or support. You can purchase for 1, 5 or 20 license sites. Read here more about.
If you have multi-site installation, you should get one license for every installation where you want to use Fish and Ships Pro.
Go to your account, then go to licenses page, enter the url of your website, and you’ll get a unique serial for it. Go to any Fish and Ships shipping method, you’ve got a pane with a serial input. That’s all: it will get automated upgrades.
A few weeks before your license expires, you will be given the options to renew it, with an extra special discount of 50% for current subscribers! If you do not choose to renew, you can keep using the plugin but you won’t receive any further updates, new features or friendly support.
If you want to upgrade your license for example from Starter (1 site) to Business (5 sites), contact us, we will refund you the proportional time left license in a discount for the new purchase.